Twiggy (real name Lesley Lawson) was born September 19, 1949 in Neasdon, England. She started her modeling career when she was getting her hair colored in London. She was asked to model a new hairstyle, and had some pictures taken and hung in the salon. A fashion journalist saw the images, and shortly after she was featured in an editorial in the Daily Express. The young model changed her name [...]
Veruschka von Lehndorff, professionally known as “Veruschka” was born on May 14, 1939 in Kaliningrad, Russia. She started modeling when she was discovered while living in Florence, Italy at the age of 20. She soon met Eileen Ford while in Paris, and in 1961 moved to New York City. Not long after she moved to Munich, as her modeling career exploded, and was featured on the cover of Life magazine in[...]
Lauren Hutton was born on November 17, 1943 in Charleston, South Carolina. She moved to New York City in the mid 1960’s, and quickly became a top model. She has appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine a record 26 times. Known for her signature gap tooth, a trait she attempted to hide early in her career, but which eventually brought her a distinct look. In 1973, Hutton finalized a deal with Rev[...]
Jean Shrimpton was born November 6, 1942 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Shrimpton began modeling at the age of 17 pilules viagra pas cher. She is considered one of the first “supermodels”. She has appeared on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Time, and Ladies’ Home Journal. During Jean Shrimpton’s career, she was known as the world’s highest paid mode[...]
Dorian Leigh was born April 23, 1917 in San Antonio, Texas. She is considered to be the first supermodel by many. She started modeling at the age of 27, but lied about her age. Moreover, she was just 5’ 5” and already had two children when she started modeling. However, she was soon photographed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and her career took off. She has been featured on the cover of over[...]
Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, better known as Dovima, was one of the first true supermodels, born on December 11, 1927 in New York City. She was discovered by an editor of Vogue on the sidewalk in New York. Dovima had a long professional relationship with legendary fashion photographer Richard Avedon, who photographed her in one of the most famous fashion photos of all time: Dovima with the E[...]
Suzy Parker was born October 28, 1932 in Long Island City, New York.  She is regarded as one of the first supermodels, and the face of post War America in the 1950’s. Parker’s older sister, Dorian, was also a very well known model, also referred to as one of the first supermodels. When Dorian signed with Ford Models, she said she would sign only if they signed Suzy, without even seeing her. Suz[...]