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Dorian Leigh was born April 23, 1917 in San Antonio, Texas. She is considered to be the first supermodel by many. She started modeling at the age of 27, but lied about her age. Moreover, she was just 5’ 5” and already had two children when she started modeling. However, she was soon photographed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and her career took off.

She has been featured on the cover of over 50 magazines, including: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Paris Match, LIFE, and Elle.

Dorian Leigh did extensive work with Revlon.

Her younger sister also became a giant in the modeling world, Suzy Parker. The character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is largely created around her real life persona.

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“Dorian was truly the best model of our time, she instinctively knew what every photographer wanted, and she came alive just at the moment the shutter clicked.” – Eileen Ford

“…the sweetness of an 18-century pastel, the allure of a Sargent portrait, of the poignancy of some unfortunate woman who sat for Modigliani.” – Cecil Beaton

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